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The toaster is my favorite too! Love this line, can't wait to play with it!

This is adorable! Love it!

I love, love LOVE this line!

I'm in Love with this too!! DARLING stuff here! :)

Just love this line!!!! :)

I absolutely LOVE it too! I have it on preorder and the wait is going to be hard!

Oh MY. I think I am actually literally DROOLING. this is SO cute! how fun!

Oh my!! How adorable.....yep.....I need it! LOL! TFS!

I'm so in love with just about everything Cosmo Cricket does! This is no exception!

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Beautiful paper and it's nice that a lot of people are doing flowers into different art forms. Paper's the most apt.

I love those designs. Very perfect to use in different craft. I used to make my own cards and stuffs when i was in high school, and I enjoy expressing my creativity.

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